Invisible Nylon Zipper

It is composed of chain teeth, puller, limit code (front code and back code) or locking parts, etc. The chain tooth is the key part, which directly determines the side tensile strength of the invisible zippers bulk. The general invisible zipper has two chain straps, each of which has a chain tooth, and the two chain teeth are interlaced.

 Invisible nylon zipper is mainly used in down jacket, jeans, leather clothes, high-grade jacket, cold clothing and so on. They are stronger and more expensive than nylon and resin zippers and are used in jeans, jackets and backpacks.


Invisible Nylon zipper

see if it can be pulled to the end smoothly and easily, and whether the fabric will be easily caught.


Pull teeth should have good wear resistance

Not too soft or too brittle or it will tear off with force. The teeth should be evenly staggered, and the shape of each tooth should be the same to ensure complete closure.


The Invisible Nylon Zippers

zipper 01

Invisible zippers are not as widely used as ordinary zippers, but it is also very widely applicable. In our daily life, such as skirts, wedding dresses, gowns, women's trousers, pillows and so on commonly used.

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According to the type of invisible zipper, the most widely used is no.3 invisible closure. According to the cloth tape, invisible zipper can be divided into two kinds, one is ordinary zipper cloth belt, one is the bud silk zipper cloth belt,

zipper 03

look from the price, the price of ordinary cloth belt invisible zipper will be more cheaper than the price of lace cloth belt zipper, but bud silk strands of texture is soft, in the fashion and popular factors, skirt, dress lace cloth belt is commonly used, The application of ordinary cloth belt is more extensive than lace cloth belt.



Maintaining invisible zippers

When using the invisible nylon zipper, pay attention to whether there are "broken belly", "tooth", skew and other faults. These faults should be repaired in time and not be pulled hard. If the zipper hair loose and tooth, can use a small hammer in the zipper head gently knock a few times, so that the upper and lower chain teeth bite tight, will not be tooth.

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Maintaining invisible zippers

aluminum alloy invisible nylon zipper is more vulnerable to corrosion, so should be kept dry, do not be wet, to prevent aluminum teeth to produce white oxide, over time will lead to zipper rust, affect the use, but also pay attention to not contact with alkaline and acidic substances.

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Maintaining invisible zippers

In the preservation to ensure a certain ventilation, do not seal preservation, also do not save in the environment full of moisture, if necessary, have to use moisture-proof paper or dehumidifier. If the zipper is damp, pull up the hair, at this time, first will pull the lock in the sun, and then, in the lock teeth coated with some wax, and then fire baking, so used, it is very lubricated invisible zippers for sewing.

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The appearance of an invisible zipper

Identify the Reverse Nylon Zipper Invisible Zipper, from the appearance can be clear, its chain teeth by monofilaments around the core wire through the molding machine winding, heating, teeth, forming, forming a continuous spiral tooth chain. Then use the stitching machine to sew the chain teeth on the cloth belt and fold the cloth belt inside and out. After being pulled together by the puller, the chain teeth will be covered by the cloth belt, and the only visible part is the zipper. The chain teeth can not be seen in the front, which is also known as the hidden zipper.

lightweight invisible zippers is generally based on closed zipper, its upper and lower finger is different from other kinds of upper and lower finger is metal or injection molding, it uses the upper and lower stop is formed by ultrasonic fusion pressure, pull head commonly used water drop pull head.


When pulling the sheer invisible zipper, the teeth on both sides should be aligned first, and then the zipper head should be pinched and pulled gently forward along the track.

Note Point

Do not pull hard so as not to cause "crooked teeth", "broken belly" and "tooth removal". If the zipper hair astringent, pull not flexible, you can use a cloth to clean the "teeth" on a layer of wax.

Use Note Points

 All kinds of bags, pockets or wallets with invisible zippers for sewing should not be filled too full, otherwise it will be easy to cause "broken belly", "tooth removal", skew and soft cloth and other phenomena.

how to sew invisible zipper

Before installing Y teeth zipper, it is best to iron some adhesive lining on the zipper part, especially when sewing light or unstable fabric, use thin adhesive lining about 1 inch wide, length and length of the invisible zippers for pillows mouth, which will be of great help to the effect and appearance of the zipper.

1, "overlapping" sewing best invisible zippers method: garment garment car 5/8 inches of seam, and seam with false thread to set up the zipper mouth, and then hot seam, the closed zipper is facing the good seam position placed on the opposite side of the garment piece, so that the edge of the cloth on the right side of the zipper and the edge of the garment piece seam. With seam of 1/4 inch seam zipper cloth and paper, must be careful, don't live pieces, then put the zipper flip to the front, as near to the fake stitching along the false suture or car and the other side of the zipper, then open the fabric, make heads are measured.2d pattern, from the bottom of the zipper front car 3/8 of an inch wide open wire to the top, then removed the false stitches.

2, the method of "stealth" invisible zippers by the roll: stealth is a both easy and quick method of zipper, highlights science and technology prompt because they don't need to fake series line and line of the front car, use invisible zipper presser foot, it can train to as much as possible close to the zipper teeth, so as to look from the front like a zipper "disappear" invisible effect in pieces.

3, "seam type" sheer invisible zipper method: the sewing position of the good clothes, ironing the sewing position, the first zipper cloth edge false seam in the piece of the seam, and then in the front of the clothes, the car to the appropriate position. To level off, the edge can't bulging with unilateral presser foot all from the bottom of the car to the top, use zipper presser foot, closer to the zipper teeth can make the car line, from line to 3/8 of an inch, pieces powder in the car before open wire can be used to draw positive picture of 3/8 of an inch thread, to dismantle the zipper mouth off after a good car open wire stitching, so that you can open the zipper.

Invisible nylon zipper is an auxiliary material with certain powerful functions, which must be used properly, which can prolong the service life, otherwise it will be easily damaged. When pulling and closing the invisible zipper, you should not use too much force, because such force will often greatly exceed the load force allowed by the zipper. The quality of invisible nylon zipper cloth and slider is mainly distinguished by grade: such as grades A, B, and C, the more advanced the grade, the better the quality. Specifications are distinguished by size: such as size 3, 5, 8, 10, etc., the larger the number, the larger the size. Zipper Tips Since the color of the microphone teeth on the invisible tooth zipper is all electroplated, if it is not stored properly, the microphone teeth will turn black and cause pollution to the fabric.


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1. What problems should we pay attention to when using invisible zippers by the roll?

(1) When pulling the slider, the force should not be too large;

(2) When using the cannula and socket, pay attention to insert the cannula into the bottom end of the socket cavity, and then pull the slider;

(3) For the invisible zippers for sewing on the bag, when there are too many things, if the zipper is pulled hard when closing the zipper, the force of the zipper will be too large, which will cause the teeth to be separated from the belt. After easy passage, slowly close and close the zipper.

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